Automotive LP Gas

Early recognized as a viable alternative fuel liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP Gas) is today the market leader in alternative fuels for the automotive sector and powers more than 4 million vehicles in over 38 countries.

Automotive LP Gas is a clean-burning, high octane, abundant, environmentally friendly transportation fuel with proven success.

Automotive LP Gas' high octane means you don't have to sacrifice power and its clean burning characteristics support environmental initiatives.

It can be readily liquefied by either reducing the temperature or by applying moderate pressure.

All Automotive LP Gas have similar specifications to products sold into the commercial market but all must meet the Automotive Products Specifications containing a minimum Motor Octane Rating.

LP Gas is derived from refineries, natural gas and oil fields. These sources currently provide an abundance of easily transportable product and ensure the security of future supply. Production of LP Gas has steadily risen from 1990 to 1998 by 26 % and this increase in supply is expected to continue.